"We'll Take Care of the Rest."

Requiem is a comprehensive business process automation system for funeral homes. As a web-based software-as-a-service, Requiem helps funeral directors and their staff handle their cases — at any time from anywhere.

Requiem combines aspects of Customer Relationship Management, Records Management, Calendaring, Asset Management, Accounting, and Human Resources.

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Keep Track of Your Clients


A call comes in – a new client is added. Your clients' data is centralized so you only need to enter details once. Any call record can be the starting point for a case file.

Comprehensively Manage Your Case Files


Requiem provides a fast and easy means to handle case files. Decedent and informant details are entered once and used on any generated form. You can store multiple obituaries and personalized photos and video.

Handle Resources With Ease


Every case file includes an event section where staff and equipment can be assigned. You can view your own assigned events as well as any staff member's or equipment's complete schedule. Define locations in your organization complete with price lists and POCs to make events in common places trivial to create.

Manage Multiple Locations


Does your firm have multiple funeral homes under its umbrella? You can track each one's clients, case files, and resources separately. Assign your staff as you see fit since users can be members of multiple organizations.

Balance Your Receivables


Contracts and cash advances are a breeze – a contract can automatically pull in prices from event venues associated with its case file. You can keep track of customer payments and see your overall picture of outstanding accounts and receivables.

Access From Anywhere, Anytime


You’re not limited to using Requiem on a single computer. You can access Requiem from any web browser, whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Day or night.

Rest Easy About Security


We use industry best practices while safeguarding your data. Whether you use Requiem from a computer, tablet, or phone, all communication is protected using strong Transport Layer Security. In addition, all of your sensitive data is encrypted when saved.

Save a Ton


A Requiem subscription is based on the number of locations in your business. There's no limit to the number of users, case files, or storage space – just one low monthly rate per location. Join us for a no-cost 90 day trial.